Marsden to Edale  - Trigger Race

Race Information


Pre Entry only by 24th December 2014 on the Official Form or until full. As the race is now FULL - I have removed the form 

For anyone wishing to enter we do check the Experience required and will contact you to confirm details if we think it's necessary. The ability to navigate is very important as none of the route is marked / flagged and there are many route options. The Entry List will be published on this website and you should receive a confirmation email of your entry.  Entry Limit of 250. Once this has been reached we will operate a Reserve List.

We do not accept substitutions because

1) We operate a Reserve List and everyone on the Reserve List got to run last year.

2) The race is only 12 to enter - people who drop out are offered a refund

3) We need to check "Previous Experience"

If we find that someone has run under someone else's number we will report them both to the FRA. It is completely irresponsible and if that "Ghost Runner" went missing we have no contact details or personal information for that runner. I would ask everyone to name and shame such runners. 

Kit to be worn or carried:  

Full waterproof jacket and bottoms (with taped seams), long sleeved top, head torch, emergency bag or blanket, hat and gloves, map (the Dark Peak map which just excludes Marsden is acceptable)  compass, whistle and some emergency food is the minimum kit.

There will be a full kit check before Registration giving everybody the chance to make sure they have the required kit. There will be spot checks on route and at the finish. The FRA have made it clear that not carrying the required kit will result in a ban from all fell races and we will uphold that policy.


In Marsden Cricket Club (SE 044 106 - just below the Golf Course)  from 7am to 8.15am. Race number will be provided on the day. Do not park cars in the car park as this will be closed from midday. Toilets and refreshments are available in the club house. It will be possible to transfer bags of kit / shower stuff to Edale - a van will be in the carpark at Marsden Cricket grounds where you can drop the bag.


1) VERY IMPORTANT:   If you retire you must inform a marshall at a designated checkpoint

2) Number must be shown to Marshalls at all checkpoints and the finish.

3) No Dogs on route


Fieldhead Campsite at Edale (SK123 855) will be the finish. Showers are available for 20p. The campsite is open all year round. There is no parking at the campsite; please park in Edale public carpark. The bags transported from Marsden will be in a tent after the Finish Tent. There will be room to change in the tents.


START: Road outside Marsden Cricket Field (SE 044 106) at 8.30am. Checkpoints:  CP 1: Black Hill Trig (SE 078 046) , CP 2 Road crossing Crowden (SK 072 992 Cut off 11.30 hrs) , CP 3  Higher Shelf Trig  (SK 088 947),  CP 4  Road crossing Snake Top  (SK 088 929 Cut off 13.30 hrs) ,  CP 5  Kinder - Stile on Fence (SK 068 898) - see map below     FINISH  Fieldhead Campsite Edale (SK123 855).


There are three road crossings; Wessenden, Crowden and Snake Top - it is the runner's responsibility to cross these roads safely.

CP's - There will be water only provided at Crowden and Snake Top.

IMPORTANT:  Please note the following stipulations when reccying and on race day:

1) From the Start - Out of Bounds area

2) Black Hill / Sliddens. As per last year we have had lenghty discussions with United Utilities about access from Black Hill. Due to RSPB sphagnum trials in Sliddens Moss and the recent wet weather it has been decided to use PW3 TO STILE A OR B (Runners can choose which stile they wish to cross). For those runners who ran the race last year we used PW2 to STILE A.

2015 Race - United Utlities have agreed for Black Hill / Sliddens / Crowden route that  we can use EXIT POINT PW2 (at the end of the flags as you leave Black Hill) to STILE B (in the middle of the fence- ie the original route).

When you leave the Black Hill CP continue down the Pennine Way until you see the BLUE ARROW. Then make your way across to either STILE B. The stiles will be obviously marked.

3) The Kinder checkpoint will be on the path/stile junction below the rocks at SK 068 898. Shown on the map and located in the photos below.


4) 2015 Race - National Trust have said that Natural England are putting pressure on them to keep people off the Kinder Plateau until the restoration has taken firm hold whereby we will be allowed to run the route where we like - hopefully in 2016 or 2017. So we have been asked to send runners along the Pennine Way to Kinder Low Trig area where they can then have a choice of running along the edge path, via Crowden Tower / Grindslow OR continuing along the Pennine Way down into Barber Booth and along to Edale in the valley.

Steve has asked National Trust for permission to run the original route - IF on the day there is a HARD FROST. So please take that into account when reccying / marking up maps etc. If we have to use the PW - there will be another CP - probably at KINDER LOW TRIG as it's an obvious fixed object. 


This is a LINEAR ROUTE and runners are expected to make their own arrangements for transport to / from the Start (MARSDEN) and the Finish (EDALE).

Food and Presentation

A hot meal and drinks will be served in Edale Village Hall ; please show your race number to collect your meal. Presentation will take place at 3pm. Tea and cakes will be available for all supporters/ friends and family for a mandatory donation to Woodhead Mountain Rescue.


As already mentioned all the profits from this race will go 100% to Woodhead Mountain Rescue. They will announce the amount raised within two weeks of the race and we will publish the figure on this website, on WMRT site and on Racekit.


In the unlikely event of bad weather the deciding factor on whether to postpone the race will be the condition of the A57 Snake Road. If it is closed then we cannot run the race however do not assume that because it is deemed "closed" on the traffic reports that we will automatically be cancelling the race. Woodhead MRT will recce the road on the Saturday and then we will email and post on all the forums / websites we have on Saturday 11th as soon as the decision is made.


If we cannot run the race it will be cancelled and people will have the option of donating the entry fee to Mountain Rescue or getting a refund.