Marsden to Edale - Trigger Race



Woodhead Mountain Rescue are primarily providing hill cover for the whole race. The checkpoints will be manned by WMRT members and they have also offered to run kit check, registration and finish. This is a huge amount of manpower and logistical organisation that we are immensely grateful for.

Catering is being done by Pete Sparks - also a WMRT member and is definitely worth running from Marsden to Edale for!

Elisabet and Colin are sponsors of the Trigger and Hoppits races. They provide the colourful race numbers and donate vouchers as prizes from their Racekit shop. I can highly recommend their Patagonia and Raidlight products!
Pete Sparks; owner of Bank View Cafe at Langsett has offered to donate and prepare the food which will be veggie / beef chilli with baked potatoes followed by sticky toffee pudding / chocolate sponge and custard. Soup, tea and cakes will also be on offer to supporters for a small donation to WMRT.
As many of you know Andy Plummer has organised the Trunce a series of 9 summer races and has been a member of WRMT for many years now. The Trunce has grown in popularity over the years and Andy has kindly donated some of the profits to The Trigger to pay for the making of two magnificent trophies.
Andy Plummer is also the landlord of The Huntsman at Thurlstone and has donated the wine and beer for prizes. Andy will be starting the race, organising the finish and is our Guest of Honour at the Presentation!
Marsden Cricket Club was first used as a Start venue in 2013. There is a large indoor area in which we can to do Registration and Kit Check, lots of toilets and a kitchen so that we can offer pre race tea / coffee and cakes.

We are very fortunate in that the Ordnance Survey have donated two flush brackets for use as the Ladies and Men's trophies.



Richard Asquith kindly produced and donated a couple of picture montages of the Trigger 2012 and 2013. One of which hangs on my office wall! He has been a dedicated supporter for years of many races in the Peak District including the Trunce. In 2014 he also donated his photos for use on our website and reports.


Yorkshire Water own the land from Marsden to the top of Black Hill and have been very co-operative in granting us permission to run the Trigger.

United Utilities own the land from the top of Black Hill right across to Yellowslacks on Bleaklow. A huge tract of land that is carefully managed for moorland and wildlife habitation. We thank the wardens in the Crowden office for being very positive about the running of a new race across these two moorlands.



The National Trust own most of Kinder Plateau from the Snake road to Edale. The wardens have the very difficult job of managing not only the very peaty moorland but also all the events that wish to run / cycle / ride over this land. We are very grateful that we were given permission to run over this very sensitive tract of moorland.

Natural England are the overseers of most of the regeneration and land management schemes that you see not only on the moors but throughout the UK on the farms. All the landowners need permission from Natural England before they themselves can grant us permission. We feel very fortunate to have an understanding contact at NE who listened to our proposal, took time to consider the implications and then approved the permissions.
The Edale Village Hall has been a regular venue for many races and with the recent refurbishment made it the ideal choice for catering and presentation. Although initially booked for the 15th we have been able to secure it's use for the Sunday afternoon. Many thanks to Mrs Linda Shirt.

Fieldhead Campsite

Mark and Samantha Reeves of Fieldhead Campsite at Edale have been more than helpful and offered us the excellant location of just inside the gateway as our finish. They have also offered us (for a sum of 20p per person) the use of hot showers on race day. They are open all year round for anyone that would like to camp.
Scott Gilmour is organising The Spine Race - a winter ultra along the full distance of the Pennine Way starting from Edale on the weekend of the 14th/15th January. He has kindly donated the use of the Edale Village Hall for Sunday afternoon to The Trigger. A possible life saver as our options were running thin on the ground and it could have been tents for presentation and food!
Bradfield Brewery are well known locally for their excellant beers namely Farmers Blonde and Belgium Blue; to name a couple. For a few years now they have been providing Mountain Rescue with a beer known as Rescue Ale which is sold through WMRT at a profit with the proceeds going to them.

The Brewery have very kindly donated two cases of Farmers Pale Ale for us to give away as prizes.


 Marsden Sports Centre


WMRT first contacted and used the Sports Centre in 2008. It was a good venue for the Start of the Trigger in 2012 being very near the start. They very kindly donated the use of the hall to the race in their support of Woodhead Mountain Rescue.